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Sunday, November 21, 2010

November 21, 2010

infinity bay

every sunday is snorkel day at infinity bay
we usually meet with friends, and visit together
enjoy a good snorkel
but i haven't gone snorkeling in about 2 months
(due to cold weather and my achilles tendon)

well this morning, for some reason, 
i thought... yes!  today i am going snorkeling!

bob was a sweetheart and he towed me around
that way i didn't need to kick and thus irritate my tendon

i tell you
it was beautiful!!
the sun was shining!
the fish were out in plenty!
we saw a scorpion fish (quite rare to see)
a huge trigger fish,
lots of yellow snapper,
angel fish,
parrot fish...
and too many others to mention!

and the coral was a glorious display
of orange, mustard yellow, purple and golds

it was fantastic!

can you feel the JOY?


  1. I can feel it and SEE it in your faces! Glad you were able to get out there. Bob is just terrific!