Thursday, November 25, 2010

November 24, 2010

para mi amor

last night the rchurch in west bay hosted a thanksgiving dinner
and this was the view from the top of Luna Beach

it isn't often that we get the yellows in the sky like that
and i really wanted to get a photo but
we were late
 since we were at the MADE IN ROATAN shop all day and didn't get home til 4:30

i knew we didn't have time to stop so
i was just taking random (bad) shots from the car of this sunset
you know the type?
with a truck in front,
trees filling the frame instead of the sunset

 but when we got to luna beach bob pulled over
(yes even though we were late)
and gave me that look as if to say
'get out honey and get a decent shot'

now that may seem like an average thing to do
but you have to understand bob
he is punctual!
he doesn't like being late,
but for me,
he stopped!
and i am so glad he did
it truly may be the best sunset photo i have
(and i have ALOT!)

a very sweet man i married!
so..this is for him, my love
para mi amor
i am soooo thankful for bob

we had such a wonderful time!
it was rather breathtaking to be sitting outside by the pool
with a waterfall and palm trees as a back drop!

key hole resort is a wonderful place to host a party!!!
happy thanksgiving to all my american friends!