Monday, November 22, 2010

November 22, 2010

rainbow dawn

what a way to start a new day!!
when i saw this from the window,
i ran, literally, to get my camera.
and i am glad i did because the rainbow didn't last long at all.


today was such a wonderful day!
bob and i ran errands together today
i love being out with him
because you just never know what will unfold
or who we will see

at the merchado today bob pointed out to this
man who wanders around coxen hole,
singing and playing his guitar for the tourists
i said.. oh my, i want a photo!
bob went and spoke with him
and not only did he let me take his picture 
but he sang a lovely song for us!

kendy came over later and made some more ornaments
tomorrow is a cruise ship day so we will be at the shop
and it will be good to be well stocked!

here is bob cutting the bamboo for the ornaments
he is such a great guy.
so helpful and supportive!

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