Friday, November 26, 2010

November 26, 2010

look who made her appearance!

how many of you have been given plants from friends
only to have them not grow or bloom?
that happens to me alot
i try but for some reason they just don't 'take'
and it is discouraging

well back in october i went to see brandi's friend 
on the beach and she gave us LOTS of plants
and i am happy and thrilled to say that they all survived
mind you, this is our rainy season and everything is growing
at a ridiculous rate

this flower was given to me by emilia and
both carlos and i often go on 'flower patrol'
by that i mean we wander slowly through the garden 
looking for plants that have bloomed
well today carlos exclaimed
'oy, la flor es que bonita!!!'
(oh, the flower is beautiful!)

and i can't agree more.
so lovely isn't it?

this morning carlos and i did some serious work in the garden
the one bed is 'rather empty' so with bob and brandi's advise
we decided to fill it with some big plants
it meant alot of work for carlos, digging and lugging huge plants 
while i said, okay just turn it abit, maybe a bit more, over a bit...
until we got it 'just right'
but this is excellent for carlos to learn to plant and design a garden
it is a work in process
or as carlos says 'poco a poco' which means little by little

we put in the plant with the 3 spiky things, the tall red one beside it,
the little reddish green bush on the left and a huge hibiscus (which you can't see)

next step:   medium plants and small floral plants along the edge.

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