Sunday, November 28, 2010

November 28, 2010


while this little boy was splashing and playing in the water
his brother and dad where collecting dry wood from the beach
to use for cooking.

oh to be young
to be able to splash 
and be carefree!

today is the first sunday of advent
i love this season so much
i enjoy lighting the candles because it helps me to focus on Christ
tonight we had some people over and the first candle reminded us
of Mary and her willingness and her surrender.

as we were sitting around the soft light of the candle
enjoying it's beauty and glow
i thought about the family who was on the beach
collecting wood for cooking

tonight we were both using fire
but for very different reasons
it made me grateful for things like
electricity and for having a stove

the poor always pull me up short
help me Lord to never forget
but to be like You,
a willing servant to help those in need.

this sack is full of wood and yet this young boy carried it for his dad

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