Tuesday, November 23, 2010

November 23, 2010


yesterday i mentioned that bob cut out some bamboo for me
well it served as a circle to make the little shell wreath ornaments

one year
i decided to decorate our whole christmas tree with shell ornaments
and white lights
darn pretty if i do say so myself

so here i am again making shell ornaments
but this time to sell in the 'made in roatan' store
people have been asking for ornaments
so between kendy and i we have that covered

and now i have several locals who will be on the 
'lookout' for shells for me
i went out for a wee walk this morning but there wasn't much
i did see a beautiful one in the shallow but it was a live shell
and i would never take that.
can't do that!
so today the cruise ship was in so we went to the shop
my word it was s.l.o.w.
hardly even any people walking around
about an hour before we closed shop it got busy again
so that was good to have a bit of a rush

i feel so bad for the others who are selling nearby us
because many of them didn't sell a thing!
i don't know how they manage to live here 
when times are so tough
but the intriguing part is that they still smile
i hear them humming as they work in their little shops
they just take what comes and say
'well maybe tomorrow will be a better day'

it's a beautiful, simple way to live.

thought i would show you what the clouds looked like today
they were amazingly straight along the bottom
as if God came along with a scissors and gave them all a trim!



  1. I think it's a wonderful way to live! And, your ornaments are beautiful!