Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4, 2010

a lily for lily

today at church i met a young woman and we were chatting
when a beautiful little girl came up and the mom said,
meet my daughter lily

i was impressed with her open smile
her confidence 
and candidness
and she looked to be only around 8 years old

i told her that i love lilies.
that i think maybe
they are one of the most beautiful flowers
when i asked her if she knew what  a lily looked like she shook her head no

what a shame
so today i went out and found a picture
of a lily for lily.

both of them are beautiful
isn't it wonderful to think that hours later
after meeting someone that i am still thinking about her

i wonder what impact we have to those we meet.

i hope the memory lingers in a loving and positive way
and they find themselves fondly thinking of us.

and maybe smiling
or even taking a photo to remember us by.


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