Monday, July 5, 2010

July 5, 2010

got attitude??

she's got attitude alright!
my heart stopped when i saw this little girl
sauntering across the parking lot in French Harbour.

what spunk!
i love the black islanders here.
they exude coolness without even trying.

she has her school uniform on but somewhere
between school and this photo she
took off her blouse and is cruising in her undershirt.
and those orange plastic barretts were just waving back and forth
as she walked along.

makes me smile!
today bob and i spent the day running errands
around the island:
banking, going to the municipality to see about meeting with the mayor
(the tax on the made in roatan shop is ridiculous because
they think we are making alot of money when in reality
we aren't.. the money goes back to the islanders)
paying bills,
making friends over lunch.
(some rich texans who are interested in coming into the shop
on wednesday.. hallelujah!)

today was one of those days when i really 'saw everything'
it is hard to explain but i had that butterfly feeling in my gut
 just looking at all the people and the sites.
 i kept thinking.. wow.. i am living in a foreign country.

i took alot of photos today
but this is the one i chose because it capsulizes
one of the people groups here.
the cool islanders!
and the motor cycle in the corner just made it even 
since we have so many motorcycles zooming around the island
weaving in and out of traffic,
passing cars on a hill or a corner.

caught this as we were driving by.
they look natural riding double don't they?
it's the way it is..
if you have a bike you usually have someone on the
no helmet.

today i saw a man on a motorcycle, baby in front, 
wife in back.
it's nuts.

it's island.
i love it all.

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