Thursday, July 8, 2010

July 8, 2010

true joy

bob and i snorkel a few times a week
i usually don't handle the camera because truthfully
i can't see very well to see if i get any decent shots.

but i wanted to try to get a shot of the turtle
who graciously swam with us for quite awhile.
this is the best of what i got.
most of them are 'misses' and all you get is the blue of the sea

i tell you there is true joy for me when i see a turtle
i enjoy the fish, i am thrilled to see a sting ray, i am scared to see a barracuda
but the turtle.. he makes my heart sing!

we actually saw two turtles while we were out today
swimming with melissa.
double joy!

bob is able to dive down and swim with the turtles.
so cool!
i was happy that i managed to get them both in the photo!

i didn't realize bob had the camera set on macro 
but i actually like the way this turned out
there were about 65 seastars in one large sandy area.
amazing to see!

sting rays are such awesome creatures
this guy is pretty small.
one time we swam with an eagle ray with was about 5 feet across
so graceful and beautiful
bob took this photo.
i just wanted you to see it

don't you love the detail in this angel fish???
bob took this too.
we had such a wonderful day out snorkeling 
alot of fun
and with my new mask and fins it made the experience
even better!

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  1. Wow great shots!! You are getting so brave and good at snorkeling (I am still scared) I heard the barracudas won't hurt you - they like to watch you ~ I hope that is the truth : )