Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 6, 2010

morning light

today was laundry day
here is something you may not know but most houses
here in roatan have their washer and dryers 
outside the house in a botaga
that is really like a big shed under the house

that means that when i do laundry
i have to go outside to do it
i don't mind at all except at night
i never do laundry at night in case there 
might be a tarantula, a scorpian or a rat in the botaga.
um no thanks!

anyways, this morning as i was walking 
back towards the house
i saw my hibiscus bathed in morning light
and i thought
it is a good thing i have to come outside
to do my laundry or i would have missed it

i am pretty convinced that life consists of
small joys
and this flower
was one of them for me

i did alot of housework today getting ready to leave
for canada on monday
i had stephanie come and she did all the windows.
it was such a hot afternoon
i know it is hot in canada and the states right now
so you can relate to it
sweating has become a normal past time for me
i admit

but on the flip side
we have the sea closeby 
so we went for such a delightful snorkel to cool down
the fish were out in plenty feeding off the coral
it was remarkably clear too so the visualibility
was awesome

the highlight?
ummm seeing a pair of french angelfish
seeing a huge huge parrotfish
a trunk fish (my all time favorite)
a large trigger fish
and last but not least
we got to swim with a beautiful hawksbill sea turtle
amazing time!

big and small
i am grateful for this experience.

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