Saturday, July 10, 2010

July 10, 2010

bye buddy

today all the color left my world when i took buddy
to kathy, the infamous 'birdlady'
i think buddy will be happy there
i am grateful she is willing to take care of him while we are away in canada

it is like he is going to a birdie retreat centre.
she has 5 birds
3 small parrots, a cockatoo, and a miniature macaw

i know he is only a bird and you'd think i wouldn't miss him
but i do.
it's crazy.
the house is so quiet even as i write this

he isn't a loud bird
but he chirps and sings all day
it is such a lovely sound
and we chatter back and forth

many times throughout the course of the day
bob will say,
are you talking to me?
i say, no i am talking to buddy
except if say.. 'hi handsome'
that goes to both of them!

so we are leaving tomorrow
flying through the night on sunday
overnight in vegas
and will be landing in canada on tues.

we could have flown direct but it costs small fortune
so this way we have many stopovers but that's okay
we will get there eventually.

i hope buddy doesn't forget me while i am gone.
i thought about recording my voice but thought that would be 
a little 'much'.

adios mi budquito

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