Saturday, July 3, 2010

July 3, 2010

abandoned classic

today we went over to help our friends
pack up their house
they had to leave the island due to medical problems
so bob, bless his huge heart, offered to pack up their house for them.

as i was in the kitchen i saw this car
from the window
i couldn't believe it.
an old Ford mustang sitting in overgrown grass
i almost died.

the first car i ever drove was a 1967 mustang convertible
white leather
baby blue color

ever since then it has been the car of my dreams!
although i must admit i am not normally a Ford girl.

i am going to ask around and see who owns that car
can you imagine it restored?
i can!



  1. That would be incredible if you could find out who owns it and restore it. You should really look into that, keep us posted! HUGS! m-

  2. too cool - way back when, there was a guy in TBay who drove a baby blue 1967 mustang convertible and ever since that has been my dream car as well ... how weird is that

    loves ya
    xx Bonnie xx