Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 7, 2010


what keeps your water's calm?
not literally of course, 
but what keeps you calm.
i find i lose my calm when things don't go the way i think they should
that's pretty typical i guess.

we are in the process of getting ready to go to canada 
so we have been busy trying to find warm clothes to wear
yes yes i know there is a heat wave happening 
right now but that could change in a week
and last time we went to florida i 

that doesn't make me lose my calm
so what has been stressing me out lately?
ok don't laugh
my bird.
now listen, i told you not to laugh
i had found a lady who would take care of him
while we are away and i somehow managed to lose her number.
and i was stressing about what to do with him.
buddy is a special little guy.. he can't just stay with 'anyone'

i looked and looked and looked.
the problem here on the island is that we don't have a phone directory
everyone has cell phones here so if you lose a number it is 
hard to get a hold of them.

i thought i had left it in my drawer beside our bed
but i looked and looked and couldn't find it
i looked through every bag 
i looked through my wallet

i admit i had prayed about it since i believe that the Lord
knows everything... even where i lose things
the only sense i got was 'look beside your bed'

so i looked and looked to no avail.
i thought i must have my wires crossed with Him
this morning again i said
"okay please Lord i need to get ahold of 'the bird lady' today.
You know everything.  can You help me? please"

"it is in the drawer beside your bed"
been there done that.
but today i decide to try it again
and sure enough there was her business card.

i called
she is more then willing to take care of Buddy
and for such a reasonable rate!!
the calm inside is restored.

i wonder why i couldn't see it the first two times
i looked in that drawer??
i don't know
but I do know this:

calm is directly related to listening
and being moored safely within His hand.

try it.
you might be surprised.

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  1. beautiful.
    thank you for sharing it today on ss.