Friday, July 2, 2010

July 2, 2010

la orquídea 

sometimes beauty just hits me deep in the pit of stomach
not in a painful way of course,
but that beautiful, aching, delightful way

when i saw this 
i felt that way
i just sighed and went ooooooohhhhhh!!!
so i knew right away that today  i wanted to photograph
it in all it's glory

sounds easy right?
when the orchid was on the tree, the light was all wrong!
it was dark and it was covered ants 
and just not what i wanted

so i picked it
whacked off all the ants
which i should mention i got bite severely out there
trying to get the photo...
 feel sorry for me??

i put it in a lovely little vase but it still
didn't look right

so i saw one of faithful seashells on the railing
and thought

the seashell was the perfect vase.
thanks mr. shell
thanks God for making such beauty
and thanks to you
if you are still reading this rambling blog...



  1. Perfect shot Debi for such an exquisite flower -beautiful
    Sorry about the ant bites

    love ya
    xx Bonnie xx

  2. That flower is amazing!! I love the shots you got even if it cost you some bites! Can't stop looking at it!!