Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 28, 2010

i cantaloupe!

yes this is as good as it looks!!

on a hot day 
there is nothing more refreshing then a slice or two or three
of sweet cantaloupe.

i bought this from a small vendor on our way 
home from church in french harbour

when we first moved here i wasn't sure if the 
fruit was 'safe' 
(whatever that means?)
from the local vendors but now i shop there all the time
it is some of the freshest fruit on the island because
these guys get it brought over from the mainland

this is a  typical fruit stand
the tarp isn't for the rain
it is to keep the hot sun off of them as
they stand out there all day hoping to sell something
i always stop.
they give me good prices!
they usually charge around 1.50 for either
a cantaloupe or a pineapple.
can't beat that!

speaking of hot sun
it has been unbearably hot
these last few days!
even the fan is blowing warm air.
we had a couple of days of rain which is wonderful
but now the heat and humidity is higher then ever

i am getting really excited to be going to canada
in a couple of weeks.
the break from the heat will be a blessing.

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