Friday, July 2, 2010

July 1, 2010

golf anyone?

sorry for not posting or blogging yesterday 
but i was out all day.
literally from 8:30 am til 10:00 pm.

so here i am up early this morning posting
one of the many pictures (over 100) i took while taking a 
few friends out on a tour of the east side.

this is a shot of the new pete dye course in roatan
called The Black Pearl
the view was spectacular up there!
i was excited to go on 'new road'
as we hadn't ever gone up there.
i can't wait to take bob up the steep drive to the course
to show him the views.

it was breathtakingly beautiful and 
enough to make me want to take up golfing!
not really folks!

for more information about this amazing place.

for all my canadian friends i hope you had
a great canada day yesterday!
we didn't have a parade here, 
or cake, 
or a pancake breakfast,
or fireworks

but even in the midst of touring the east side
and seeing amazing ribbons of blue sea mixing 
with the colors of the sky,
and meeting new friends,
and having a wonderful dinner with friends
i just couldn't help myself from 
singing our national anthem
and celebrating the great country called canada.

why did we leave then you ask?
we feel called here and yet
it doesn't negate our love for our own country and people.

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