Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 27, 2010

fell from the nest

we came home from snorkeling sunday afternoon
and marco had this baby bird in his hands

apparently it fell from it's nest and
moto, the dog
had decided to eat it for lunch
glad marco intervened!

i am not sure what kind of bird it is but 
looking at the huge beak and the  size of it's feet
i would say it is a turkey vulture.
we looked around in the yard to find it's nest but i think
it was high up in one of the bread fruit trees and well
there is no way we could climb up those.

perhaps when carlos comes back to work
he can climb up
i find islanders are amazing tree climbers..
i guess that comes from years and years and years
of stealing fruit!

either way, marco took it to his house and they 
are keeping it alive.
i was tempted to take him but bob, being not a bird lover at all
is already subject to one.

what do you feed a baby bird??
i told marco he needed to find some worms
then chew them up 
and then give them to the baby.
haha.. needless to say i was given
'the look'


sorry for being absent the last couple of days
we ran out of tigo internet and
neither of us seems in any hurry to get it.
that is the scary thing about living on a tropical island
for so long:
we are getting more and more and more
laid back
definitely on 'island time' these days..

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