Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June 30, 2010

looking out

today i went to a bible study at laura's house
in turtle crossing, west bay.

it was a good time together.
we looked at matt 11:28-30
what an invitation to
come, to learn from Him and to rest!

i kept looking out the window towards the sea 
it made me think how important to it to have an 
outward focus.
not just on me.

do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others.
phil 2:4

i can still remember the first time i read that verse
it was years and years ago 
but it radically changed the way i live

God ways are always focused on others.
not on self.

He has helped me to 'look out' to the interests of others.

this afternoon i went to the shop to volunteer.
a gentleman came into the shop and was looking at some jade pieces
that we have in there.
but he was really interested in a large piece of jade stone.
i couldn't sell it because it was a gift.
i just couldn't 
so i decided to take him next door to samuel
(who had given me the jade stone)

i was so happy when that man bought 
2 pieces of jade from him
and also a mayan piece that was found in the hills

i didn't matter that the man didn't buy from us
because it isn't 'our shop'
it is a shop to help the island.
so i was happy to 'look out' for samuel.

what about you?
who are you 'looking out for?'

having an outward focus,
a focus on others is so liberating.
so freeing.
so fun!

try it!
i know you will be blessed as you give.

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