Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 11, 2010

traveling palm
traveling palm

i thought it was appropriate to take a photo of this
traveling palm 
since today is the beginning of our journey to canada
both bob and i don't like to spend alot of money
on flights so that means several
 connecting flights and overnights and waiting
for hours in airports.

but it pays off in the end.

so here is our schedule:
5:00 pm fly to san pedro sula
1:15 am fly to fort lauderdale
through the night
leave fort lauderdale at 1:15 pm
fly to las vegas
hey baby!!!
spend the night, relax, see the city a bit,
and catch up on sleep
fly from las vegas to seattle
hang out at the airport for a few more hours 
then arrive in kelowna, bc canada
at 12:15 tues morning.

so yes we are travellers
making our way home
little by little

i like to people watch and photograph
odd things so that helps to pass the time,
we play cards,
we go on the computer if the airport has wireless
(in honduras we can still use our tigo stick...)

so adios roatan
my beautiful island
see you soon.

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