Saturday, June 26, 2010

June 26, 2010

tropical storm alex

the rains started yesterday with winds blowing
about 40 mph
as alex made his way over the island
this morning

i love a good storm!
i could be one of those storm chaser types.
i remember when we had a hurricane in nova scotia
i was the one outside standing in the yard~
it excites me!

on a practical note we need the rain here to 
increase the water table level
we haven't had rain for so long that many people's
sisterns are almost dry.
also it is so good for the plants and trees!
this morning as the rain fell i could almost
feel the earth sighing with pleasure.

if you look at the photo you will see how brown the water is
that isn't typical at all
the wind and the waves stir up the sand
and then the water goes brown like that.

even on grey days there is beauty 
to be found.

i have enjoyed the coolness today
i baked some muffins this morning 
and am roasting a chicken tonight.

yum yum yum!


  1. yes, that brown was the first thing i noticed in your photo. i love storms too, and wind. i call it action weather. still looks like paradise from here :)

  2. I wondered about the brown...thought maybe it was sand...low tide maybe but your explanation makes sense. As for me...hate storms...especially wind and thunder and lightning. I cower under the covers til it passes.

  3. I am LOVING how cool it is especially after the two really hot weeks we have had!! God is good. I know it is cool when you are baking!! :) Too hot normally for the oven! Thank you God for the rain and cooler weather!

  4. great pics, glad all is well. lisa zittrower had me pretty worried about your storm. has it passed??

  5. yes the storm has passed. had you worried? so sorry to hear that. if you want to scoop on hurricane or storm happenings ask me, k? :-)