Saturday, April 10, 2010

April 10, 2010

take two

after much thought, 
and even some tears 
i decided that mangito, the lovebird
wasn't a good match for me or i for him.
he just wasn't happy.
he would screech and squawk all day long
and once he tried to escape his cage 
and flew into a window
then smashed into a wall
and then smashed into another wall
this was after his wings were clipped.
i felt he needed a mate.
some birds just refuse to bond with a human.
such is the case with mangito.

when i ordered the bird i had asked 
for a lorikeet which is an australian parakeet
the store owner couldn't get them in so i 
got the lovebird instead.
but i was uncertain for the beginning
so when i brought him back 
rick wasn't surprised.

so i got a little sweet parakeet instead.
no name yet.
that will come.
but i was pleased that after one day he was
willing to eat out of my hand.
i think he will be more tameable.

any name ideas?


  1. Sorry you had to go thru that Debi - but the sweet tweets in the morning as opposed to the loud screeching is so much easier on the head.
    Naming pets is such a individual process. All my animals were nameless for weeks before I could see who they were... ie Hoover (as in vacuum cleaner)because he ate everything in site; Coco after Coco Chanel because she was a classy broad. Plus the name has to roll off your tougue easy and not sound to dorky when you call them.
    p.s. I still like George or Georgie

    loves ya muchly
    I miss our skyping
    xx Bonnie xx

  2. p.s.s. I recognize that little green glass hangy thing in the cage ... warms my heart to see it ... it really does!