Thursday, April 8, 2010

April 8, 2010

sunlight deep in the sea

today our friend chris took us to 
palmetto bay to see the coral garden.
it was amazing.
words can not express the beauty.

yes that is the color of the sea.
shallow sea is that beautiful robin egg color.
the waves were a bit rough as we swam through the garden
and everything was flowing and moving.
even the little fishies were being moved back and forth
with the current
all i could do was relax and allow the surf to gently toss
me back and forth.

the colors!!
deep rust,
mustard yellow,
soft greens,
deep purple,
aqua blues...
all so amazing!!

I am amazed at the beauty He creates even in places
where most people don't go.
Look around your world.
What are you most grateful for?


  1. ooohh! nice job of "guessing". lovely!

  2. Beautiful shots - especially like the colours in the top one.

  3. I want to snorkle this place next time.It is so beautiful.Until then I will have to be content to watch " The Little Mermaid" !