Thursday, April 8, 2010

April 7, 2010

hand carved

yesterday i went to volunteer at the
 Made in Roatan shop
i went to say hi to Samuel,
the man who sells things next to us

i saw this dolphin
and fell in love.
he told me an islander from sandy bay made it
how much?
10 bucks.
i didn't dicker.

i ran to the shop and gave him
200 Limpera which is equivalent to 10 dollars

i sat it proudly on the counter
later a lady came in and wanted to buy it
so i told her to go next door
 and get the last one.

she did.
for 10 dollars.
i love that about samuel.
he is a fair man.
he could have made alot more money
on the tourist but he didn't.
he will be blessed for his kindness
i am sure.

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  1. lovely Debi
    p.s. jigsaw puzzle's - I love them