Saturday, April 10, 2010

April 9, 2010

worth celebrating

a birthday
our friend from missouri 
who lives in roatan half the year

we met don and his wife jeanette shortly
after we arrived here.
over the years we have become dear friends
don is recently retired as an engineer who 
worked for Boing.
he is one of those wonderful
centre brain type of people
can be very left brain
and chat about physics, be very analytical,
methodical and precise
but then again he can also be very humorous
unpredictably funny
wonderfully caring,
showing compassion by helping build homes
here on the island.

we have gone on many adventures together:
exploring the back roads of coxen hole where
no gringo would go 
(yes on purpose)
snorkeling the deep blue waters of  pigeon key,
climbing the mountain hike up carambola gardens,
braved the air show at infinity bay 
(those honduran pilots are crazy and fly lower then
you'd think possible!)
we have enjoyed many sunsets 
and many meals together

we have played many card games together
don has the patience of 10 men when it comes to teaching
he has been teaching us to play 500.
in fact he is writing a computer program for the games which 
has required hours and hours and hours 
to binary language to do!

speaking of that,
our daughter emily made him a birthday cake
that says 
Happy Binary 
and then wrote  Don's name 
in binary.
too cute.

So worth celebrating?
without a doubt!!
so I rise my glass to you
Don boy 
(which i think I am the only one who
affectionately calls him that)

Blessings 10 fold!

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  1. Such a lovely tribute to a friend

    p.s what are you doing up at 4:16 a.m.