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Sunday, April 11, 2010

April 11, 2010

house of blessing

not many see this side of roatan
i call it the 'real roatan'
this is where patrick lives,
he is the young drummer at our church
who is only 17 and is orphaned.
both parents died and he and his 2 brothers and 2 sisters
are being raised by his grama.

after church today,
i felt compelled to take patrick to the store to 
get groceries.
we have  friends who send us money from canada
my friend luba is kind and generous
and she sent us money to help out a family
this morning i knew that family would be patrick's.

he was thrilled to come groceries shopping.
bob jokingly said,
now patrick no chocolate bars okay?
and he seriously said,
what is a chocolate bar?
can you believe that?

so we loaded him up with rice, beans, flour, sugar,
pasta, plaintains, payaya, mangos, milk,
chicken and many more things.
the cart was full.
so was his heart.

i asked Patrick if he liked peanut butter and he said
oh yes but that peanut butter would be gone in one day
at our house.
i laughed and said,
well let's get it then!!
who cares if it only lasts one day.. it is probably because you love it so much.
he smiled,
his white teeth glistening against his beautiful dark skin
and said,
yes miss debi i sure do!!

we drove to his grama's house.
i call it the house of blessing because
today they felt that God has visited them
and i agree wholeheartedly.
they were so overwhelmed and grateful.

the grama kept saying...

oh glory to God,
God is good!!
indeed He is.

of all the things we brought she was so tickled that
Patrick had got a big payaya.
she said,
I told Patrick that I wanted a payaya so badly
I just didn't think it would come so fast.

You may look at this house and see only poverty
I walked into this house and i saw 
and faith

remember the poor..
they are everywhere around you. 


  1. Lovely story Debi - swelled my heart

  2. A beautiful story and act of kindness Debi - you were God's hands today.