Monday, April 5, 2010

April 5, 2010

mangito by the sea

i finally named my bird.
it took long enough

means little mango in spanish
 his colors are the same as a mango that is 
ripening up.

we are enjoying him sooo much
he is such a social bird
and he loves to be wherever we are.
he has a noisy time in the morning
 i am noticing that birds are coming here and calling him
and he answers.
that is fine except at 6:30 am!!!

so this morning i took him for a walk
out on the dock 
he loved it

 i also got his wings clipped 
i took him to the butterfly gardens since they have many birds there
and dylan was kind enough to clip them for me
i have clipped my birds wings before but 
i didn't want to clip his because it can be traumatic
and i didn't want to be associated with scaring him
i know you may think that is cruel to clip but if i am
ever going to tame him then he needs to be clipped
in order for that to happen

he is such a sweet little fella.
my mangito
 you look so darling out by the sea!


  1. He's gorgeous and what a perfect name! "Like a mango ripening up", I love it. Enjoy every minute.

  2. an update on mangito.... the morning squawking turned into hours of loud screeching. i think he was very unhappy being alone. i tried everything to tame him. i would talk gently to him and every day i would take seed on my hand and put it in his cage which would make him go insane. it was a very sad day when i realized we weren't a 'fit'. i have never had lovebirds before but i do know they aren't called lovebird for nothing! i usually own parakeets and am able to tame them quite nicely. after much thought, and yes some tears i decided to take mangito back. even when i got him, i wasn't certain and rick, the guy at the store told me to bring him back if it didn't work out.

    so yesterday i brought him back. rick put him in a cage with a bunch of parakeets and within minutes mangito had saddled up to some 'blonde' and was nuzzling and kissing her. definitely happier.

    i got a little light blue parakeet with a yellow head and long turquoise tail feathers. sigh. take two.