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Saturday, January 16, 2010

January 16, 2010

heading home

this was taken out our back yard.
the part of the beach we live on is not a touristy beach

on saturdays our dock (broken from hurricane mitch) is full of kids
jumping off it.
all the islanders come here to swim.

i love this photo since you really get the sense of the days ending.
the mother and child are so precious,
but i really love the two boys playing around.. still energetic
even after a long day in the sunshine.

we didn't spent our day at this beach
we went to west bay
with an island family
west bay is very touristy and most islanders seldom  go there
but we took them because it has very nice snorkeling
the fish are friendly and even at waist deep you can see
them swimming around.

bob took cedric to the reef
and he said he hadn't snorkeled that far in 20 years.
i stayed on the beach with cindy and her 3 delightful boys:
snorkeling in the shallows,
throwing the ball around,
and enjoying the sunshine!

it is funny because our friends live on this gorgeous island
but they rarely eat seafood and rarely go to the beach.
cindy says she works too much to do those kinds of things!

but as i hugged her goodbye
she thanked me for lunch and a lovely day at the sea
and said,
"I feel years younger!!"

Isn't that wonderful?
I believe in PLAY!
It is so important.
It does keep us young at heart.

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