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Sunday, January 10, 2010

January 10, 2010

we had quite the storm last night
was supposed to be the coldest weather in roatan history
with the wind factor the temperatures going down to 40F

we lost all power in the night 
 i was grateful for warm blankets and windows that close!
 the winds were/are so fierce!!

i love storms but they sure make a mess of the beach
but a good storm cleans the reef.

i stood on the edge of the shore and allowed the wind to
blow right through me

i need cleansing too
1John 1:9

here is a slide show is you want to check it out


  1. A lovely image. I don't like storm myself but its a great time to cuddle under the blankets of warmth.

  2. I would brave the winds and surf to walk along the shore with you, as I love storms as well.