Monday, January 11, 2010

January 11, 2010

bob put a caption to this one:
"i wonder if anyone will buy my papaya today?

this was taken in coxen hole this morning
we went in to go to the  bank and while i was seeking refuge under the shelter of a shop
i noticed a couple of gringo ladies so i mosied over to talk to them
they wanted to go through the mercado.
i decided to take them through
(instead of them wandering into a not so favourable area)
it was pouring rain!!!
i am thankful for umbrellas.

they wanted to see 'made in roatan' shop too
 so we opened it up just for them.
it was worth it.
such wonderful ladies from north carolina!!
we decided to have lunch together too
i will be busy at the shop tomorrow but on wednesday
i am going to take them on a tour to the east side of the island.

it is one of the things i love about being on the island:
we have time
we have time to spend with strangers driving them around the island
making new friends
hopefully being a blessing.

i sometimes think that time is the greatest gift
we can give.
i hope you have good times today with those around you
your kids, your friends, your husbands, those you work with.



  1. I love how you cropped this Debi - great capture
    xx B xx

  2. thanks bonnie... i loved the look of it. it was a drive by shot. and i thought bob was darn clever to come up with that caption!

  3. Hey Deb

    Lovin' the new blog. What a grand adventure your life has become. I would keep an eye out for your lost journals as they probably have no value to the people who took 'em and they would just discard them. Who knows what might be left after all the rain, but ...
    Still waiting on Nancy's vacation schedule. It's supposed to be posted next week and we're hoping for the best.

    Hasta luego

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