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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January 12, 2010


mr. fluffybutt.
see why i call him that?!
he has the cutest little fluffy butt ever!

i started feeding the hummers and have about 6 of them that come regularly.
i put up that branch as a perch so i could get some good shots of them.

now you might be thinking,
how do i know that is mr. fluffybutt
maybe you think they all have fluffy little feathers like that well, not so.
plus, mr. fluffybutt is a bit fatter then the rest because he hangs
around the feeder all day.
maybe i should have called him. mr. piggywig.  :-)
mr. fluffybutt is the only one who lets me get really close to him.
i am standing about 8 inches away from him here.
i have a trick for photographing hummers.
i am a bit ashamed to even tell you but i am not the secret keeper type.
so here goes:
i use the flash and
it kinda stuns them
and they don't move.
i just keep shooting and flashing and getting in closer and closer.
one time i was so close that i reached on a gently grabbed the little guy.
not mr. fluffybutt .. another hummer at my friend's place
the flash technique is not necessary for mr. fb because
he likes me and lets me get really close to him.

in fact he comes daily and sits
on this perch.
sometimes i go out just to talk to him.
yeah... why am i admitting that??!
and guess what he does?
NO he doesn't talk back.
come on.. he SINGS!

i bet you didn't know hummers sing but they do.
it is the sweetest thing ever!!!
almost brings tears to my eyes to hear it.

life is full of endless blessings if our heart is soft enough to see them
i would say having a little sweet fragile bird sing to me is right up there
in my 'being totally blessed' list.

thanks mr. fluffybutt
keep on singin'


  1. I'm not sure I like the constant flash technique, but since I know you are a kind person, I will assume it's ok. Lovely writing and lovely picture.

  2. yeah i usually only do the flash technique 2 or 3 times. it just kinda stuns them. but i don't need to do that with mr. fb since he is so friendly that he just sits there looking great! i used the flash today simply because it was a grey day and i knew it would make his color 'pop'

  3. just a note: i was just standing out in the yard when mr. fb flew up to me, i said hi and put out my finger and he gently touched the tip of my finger.

    amazing moment!!!!!!

  4. Now that's cool!!! You're the hummer whisperer. I can see the movie trailer now.