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Sunday, January 17, 2010

January 17, 2010

mr and mrs. 

can you tell which is which?
from what i know the male would be the blue headed one.
and for heaven sakes he has blue legs too!!
it is interesting how males in the animal kingdom are always
more showy then the females.
i know in theory that it is so the female can be more camouflaged
than the male.
she needs to stay out of the picture to care for the young

but it makes me wonder
are we humans the only ones who have that backwards??

i don't dress up much but bob always laughs when i go out with
my girlfriends because i do it up 'right'.
why is it that we feel that pressure with other women?
not all women but in a group.. oh yeah.

biblically speaking paul says that woman should adorn themselves
with a quiet and gentle nature
and not with gold and the braiding of hair.

i don't have a quiet and gentle nature naturally.
i am pretty loud and 'out there'
but something has changed in me as i have gotten older.
gentleness in the greek means 'domesticated'
bob used to call me his wild horse but
somewhere with His touch on my soul
I have become quiet inside.

it's pretty amazing.

so i like the way the animal nature does it.
let the guys have all the glam and all the attention.

it is less stressful to be quietly minding 'our own' anyways
i think.
i do.


  1. My husband is much more vain than I am.

  2. really! cool. both bob and i are pretty low maintenance, and casual.