Friday, January 15, 2010

January 15, 2010

open door

today we took maria, our cleaner, to Oakridge
to see an ophthalmologist who is on the island
doing mission work.
i am so grateful to those who volunteer their time
to help the people here.
what a blessing!

maria can't see out of one eye,
when she was 2 years old she had chicken pox
and her vision was affected.
we found out today she is totally blind in that eye.
there isn't anything they can do for her.
we are looking into getting her some brown colored contacts.
i am thankful that her right eye is 20/20.

bob says maria looks like a movie star in those glasses!
they gave the glasses to her at the clinic since her eyes were so dilated that it is
painful to go out in the sunshine.

sun .. ahhhh glorious sun!

oakridge is a wonderful area of the island,
they call it the venice of roatan since most houses
are built along the bight and so boat travel is the main
mode of transportation.
it is about an hour drive from where we live.
i love the east side of the island,
windy roads weave up along the spine of the island
to reveal marvelous views of the azure sea
and the tops of palms and jungle green.

i took lots of boat pictures today,
and wooden house pictures, and sea scenes,
but this photo of the open door to the sea
my soul
it speaks to me of hope.
of light in darkness
of color in drabness
of hope in troubled times.


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