Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January 13, 2010


it is hard to find shells on the beach here in roatan.
the island is surrounded by coral reef so the
waves can't bring the shells in.
once in a while you find a nice one.

so if i want a nice shell pic on the beach
i bring my own.
(bring your own seashell)

bob and i have been collecting shells for years
we have an awesome collection from all around the world
but mostly from florida.
i did a 365(taking a photo a day) using shells.

walking on the beach
with moto, our dog is always an adventure
he is a typical island dog
that means:  crazy!
i am trying to socialize him.
he usually attacks all dogs: big and small.
today he didn't.
yay moto!
but he did chase a bunch of school kids,
jumping up on them as they ran by for PE
and nipped at their butts.

embarrassing because he won't listen.
oh well.

 but that's okay because
today the sun is shining,
the sea is shades of turquoise fading into deep blue
the wind has died down
my heart is full of gratitude.
i don't take living here for granted
i am grateful for seashell, sea breeze and soft whispers from Above

what are you grateful for?


  1. A very pretty shell. I love the light that is hitting it.

  2. I'm grateful for this blog. It transports me every day from this cold, grey existence to the warm, sunny tropics. I fully expect to get a tan from sitting in front of this computer.
    Thanks Deb. See you in 65 days. Hallelujah!!!