Monday, November 29, 2010

November 29, 2010

meet moto

we are renting this place and moto came with the house
at first he was a typical island dog:
he loved to fight with any other dog,
would bark at anyone in his path,
jump up on people,
nip their heels or butt (i know, how wrong is that?!)
but over the months he has become more and more
it is amazing what consistent affection will do
he gets lots of scratches behind the ears,
warm greetings,
and loving

and i am happy to say that although moto
is still a fantastic guard dog
he is also becoming a wonderful pet
who listens to me when i call him
who walks beside me
(without a leash)
the other day i went for a wee walk and he stayed
in step with my slow hobble the whole way
it was really quite precious actually

we are growing to love moto more and more each day
and he knows it!!

here is moto laying in the garden AGAIN!
see how his ears are back?
that is because he knows he is doing a wrong thing
but he loves laying on the soft dirt 
and right now carlo and i are moving around alot of plants
so there are lots of great places to lay.

moto, get out of the garden!
let's see now.. how many times have i said that today????  

he needs to work on obedience....


  1. Hi there - so glad you got a doggie in your life again - lucky you. He has such unusual light colored eyes - bet he can look threatening if he wants to.

    xx bonnie xx

  2. oh yeah.. he can be a scary dog when he wants to be. he has a very deep bark and those eyes are menacing! i know without a shadow of a doubt that he would attack any intruder. we often have to tie him up when certain people come on the property.