Sunday, October 24, 2010

October 24, 2010

after the storm

well hurricane richard has come and gone
we are thankful that there wasn't more damage
on our property we lost a number of banana trees, and a papaya tree
the place was littered with branches and leaves

it could have been alot worse
basically rain and wind
and we lost our power in the night
it was off for about 18 hours
so we did alot of reading, sleeping, playing games
once the rain stopped 
we went for a drive and saw alot of power poles broken and lines down
trees cracked in two
evidence of some flooding in the flowers bay area
apparently the people of oakridge got hit hard

i am thankful to reco, our electric company for working hard to get 
the power restored so soon

i haven't heard how people made out in the colonia
i will find out tomorrow when carlos comes to work

it is now at belize with winds up to 90 mph
many people have been evacuated
i am praying for their safety and that the storm passes quickly.

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