Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October 26, 2010

i think i can

buddy, my budgie is getting so tame
i found him trying to get water out of my glass
fortunately i had my camera nearby.

since my tendon injury i have my chair set up
with my phone, water, books, camera, tv remote
everything handy so i don't need to get up

buddy is truly the best bird ever!
picking a budgie is no easy feat
because you can't tell if they will be a good bird or a dud
i have had 4 budgies:  2 were good, 2 were horrific!

but buddy is right up there in the 'best bird' category!
he is so friendly and his one claim to fame is this:
he doesn't bite

that is remarkable!
as birds typically like to bite,
but he hasn't bite a soul
and because he is friendly and tame 
many people have held him
sometimes he makes a little 'clucking' sound
as if to say...hey you, leave me alone!!!
but bite?  nope.

the night of the hurricane we lost power, he was nervous so i kept him close by me

the other thing is that he LOVES human food
yeah he is a little spoiled
because i basically chew up my dinner and put it on my hand
and he gobbles it up
if i try to ignore him he flies over, waddles across my shoulder
and tries to take the food out of my mouth.
i know, i know.. i have created a monster!!!
his favorite food?
i'd say lettuce
but he will eat pretty much anything.
except guacamole because it is toxic for birds and he could die 
so, of course, i keep that far from him

he is starting to talk
he can say pretty bird, hey buddy, and once he said 
how ya doin'?

he loves to have showers instead of baths
i just run the water in the kitchen sink 
and say, hey buddy you wanna have a shower?
and he fluffs up

so now when i say that he responds with a fluffing and 
then i put him on my open hand and he runs back and forth
under the water stretching out his wings
it is adorable!

so mr. buddy,
thanks for being such good company
and yes
i gave him a drink of my water.. he likes it cold!!


here he is trying to figure out how to get the water from my glass

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