Monday, October 25, 2010

October 25, 2010

storm? what storm?

we woke up to beautiful clear blue skies,
a calm turquoise sea
and temperatures in the low 80's

that is one of the good things about the tropics
the storms come in with all their fury and next day
it is back to business in beautiful-ness!

it was a perfect day for a snorkel
bob went with ron as i am still not able to snorkel 
due to this achilles tendon problem
but i don't mind
i could see the sea from my chair
and i read, dozed, played with buddy
and spent some beautiful time being quiet in prayer

i am a no nonsense, high energy girl
i enjoy being active, visiting people, helping out where i can
but when i need to stop i can stop.
it isn't easy but i don't fight it (much!)
my goal:  heal up!!!

so bob said hi to the sea turtle for me 
and told me that the fishies weren't out in mass
i think maybe they might still be in hiding due to the storm

 a note from my garden:
this is a ginger flower that is sprouting babies!
how cool is that?!

now we will have over 6 little  ginger plants to start.
i am excited because tomorrow
nabisha is coming over to look at my garden
she is a landscaper on the island
and i am excited to have her input!

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