Saturday, October 23, 2010

October 23, 2010

first signs of richard

yup them clouds have rain in them!!
bob and i went to french harbour to buy a new tigo stick
and go on their plan
and we encountered some interesting weather on the way home.
heavy heavy rain!!

we have been watching richard make his way towards us
many have told him that he isn't welcome on our little island but he isn't listening

we expect him to go right over roatan around 7:00 am
at about 65 mph
we are as ready as we can be.
extra batteries, extra water, phone cards full, food in the cupboards,
outside furniture inside,
the gutters have been cleaned

my concern right now is that they are predicting between 6 -8 inches of rainfall
which will mean flooding and flash floods.
alot of people live in flimsy little homes on the sides of hills
and i pray that they will be safe

this morning we handed out food, and sheets
to some people in our immediate neighboorhood.
there weren't any blankets donated but i think the sheets will be better then nothing
this weather is getting cold.
i am grateful for the cruise ships who donate sheets, pillows and blankets

and so...
now we wait
and pray

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