Thursday, October 28, 2010

October 27, 2010

my soul is free

look at that view!
i guess if you have to put your feet up this is a great place to do it!
i moved my chair out on the deck 
beckoned sweetly by the breezes
and the azure blues of the sea

i am happy to report that my achilles tendon seems
to be getting better
i don't have a sharp execruiating pain shooting up my calf anymore
that is good right?
but my heels are still numb and they throb 
so i am trying to be 'off them'
even my computer time is limited
because even the pressure of sitting with my feet on the floor is irritating
oh well
one thing i have been doing more is praying
i can do that
so i guess that would be the upside of all of this

yesterday brandi brought her friend over to help me clean the house
bless her heart!
her name is blanca 
how beautiful is that?!
she is a quiet, gentle hearted woman
who is just trying to make the ends meet
she normally works at a hotel in west end 
but times are slow on the island so she is laid off

well she knows how to clean i tell you that!
i have uploaded some spanish worship music for carlos so i put 
that on for her.
oh my!  i am growing to love spanish music more and more!!
it really blesses me!
we listened to marco witt all day long!!   
can anyone tell me why it makes me cry?
it does!
perhaps it is just the beauty of the language but i think it is 
the intensity and the emotion of which they live and sing about the Lord

either way
i had a good day 
watching blanca work, laying around, listening to music
bob went to the 'made in roatan' shop
*sniff* i wish i could have gone
it was a slow day there
 in the evening we met with brandi and yourgin for the evening.
that too was a blessing.

all in all
i may not be running around hither and yon
(whatever that means)
but my soul is free
and you can't beat that!

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