Saturday, October 30, 2010

October 30, 2010

my page turner

i was laying on my bed 'trying' to read my book
(yes i am being a good girl and resting my achilles tendon!)
i thought it would be nice to have buddy with me
but he had other plans:
being a royal pest!

let's see ... what did he do?
he would climb on my head,
sit on my lip,
crawl on my hand and kept chewing the pages of my book
ran up and down my tummy chirping loudly
you guessed it:
i put him back in his cage!

do you think it is possible to teach a bird no?
i hope so!
he normally is good company but not when i want to read!!

no means no buddy!!!!!

i took a wee walk around my garden this morning
such a lovely day
not hot but still sunny
everything is growing so beautifully!

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