Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 13, 2010

pike's market

so the journey continues...
we landed in seattle at 4:00 pm and our next flight to 
kelowna, bc was leaving at 10:50
so instead of hanging around the airport for 7 hours
we decided to take the train to pike's market

i am so glad we did!
what a wonderful afternoon/evening we had exploring the
we ate at ivar's fish place by the sea and 
had delicious fish and chips with many
seagulls vying for a possible cast away chip 
coming their way.

it was great to walk through the city
after all those hours of sitting on the plane
or waiting for a plane.

it is one of the things i love about bob...
he isn't afraid to venture out.
right now we are back at the airport,
the evening sun is leaving her lovely
soft colors in the sky and reflecting
off the plane's that are lined up ready to go

even in an airport there is beauty to be seen.


  1. Phew what an adventure. It was so good to skype with you tonight while you were waiting at the Seattle airport.

    xx Bonnie xx

  2. yes it was a highlight to see and talk with you too bonnie! :-)