Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 12, 2010

las vegas shows

this is the closest we got to any shows in vegas!
after spending the night on the plane from honduras,
and catching a couple of hours sleep in the airport
by the time we landed in vegas, and had a bite to eat
i couldn't keep my eyes open!
we had planned on going to the strip to see some night life
but i jokingly said to bob,
'wouldn't it be funny if the best we could do was 
crash on the bed, and fall asleep til morning with our clothes on'

well that is exactly what happened!
i remember waking up and thinking
what a beautiful sunlight morning!
but as i walked to the window i realized it
wasn't morning at all but the middle of the night
and the golden light was actually all the
lights of the city.

so i got my pj's on and slept til morning
a full 11 hours later.
so much for night life in vegas!!
oh well...

i needed the sleep and got it!

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