Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 14, 2010

canadian grown

one thing i miss about canada
(other then the kids of course)
are the canadian flowers.

we arrived in canada late last night
in a cloak of chilly darkness and headed
straight to bed.
i couldn't wait to go out walking this morning
to capture some of my favorite flowers.

i love geraniums so much!
i took this at our friend's place first thing this 
bob and i later went for a nice brisk walk throughout the
neighbourhood and i was ohhhing and ahhhing
about all the flowers that i love:
viola, bush roses, glads, lilies, russian sage.

i was in my glory.
today we are resting up a bit since tomorrow
the auction is coming to take our stuff that is in storage
that will be a busy day.

is it hard to part with our stuff?
oddly, no.
i thought it would be.
i guess i will let you know tomorrow.
but having lived without it for 2 years i realize that i really
don't 'need' it.

mind you there are sentimental things that we will keep
like photos, books, dishes that has been in the family for years
but the furniture and stuff...


  1. what a delightful experience that would be, to be reunited with a different kind of nature than you have become accustomed to. have a wonderful trip debi - i'm sure it will be soul-filling.

  2. This island life is worth it ~ I would give all my stuff away to live on an island (except photos and a few baby memories) take care ~

  3. i have done just that.. sorted through stuff.. kept photos, my kids artwork and stories, some china that's been in the family for years, homemade christmas ornaments, and that is about it. xoxo