Friday, July 16, 2010

July 15, 2010

moving on

we have had all our stuff in storage for almost 2 years while
living in roatan.
we don't foresee us leaving the island anytime soon so decided
to auction the big stuff off.
what a huge job.
tonight i am so tired that i can't even get up the energy
to talk!
for those of you who know me that is tired!!  :-)

we thought about shipping all of this to the east coast so
the kids could have it as they set up their apartments but
it would have cost too much so we are getting rid of it
here and will help them out when we get to the east coast.

i have kept
personal things like
the kids artwork and stories
christmas ornaments
china that has been in the family for awhile
momentos that the kids will enjoy looking at later
or give to their own kids.

i probably kept too much stuff but that is me
i did pretty well with the whole process until at one
point i dropped a hand painted plate that belonged to my Mom
i just brought down and wept...
bob, the sweetie, came and wrapped his arms around me saying
'i know it's hard...'

it is bittersweet.
it feels ackward and strained at times but 
for the most part it feels liberating to be free of all that

our friends betty and george took us out for a nice
the views were breathtaking.


  1. That buffet looks just like the one Don's mom had and which Rachel now owns!

  2. it is from the 50's so there is a good chance that don's mom had one...

  3. Thinking of you tonight. Praying for you.