Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June 23, 2010

lito and the boys

i caught this photo on the way to flower's bay 
to visit a friend
bob slowed down and i managed to get it from the car

lito, is a nickname for grandpa in spanish.
i am taking the liberty in saying he is their grandpa.
either way i was happy to catch all 3 of them on the horse
strolling down the road.

for many years horses and boats were the main
source of transportation on the island
horses are still held in high regard here.
it is common to see them saundering down the main road.

the other day bob saw 3 wild horses meandering down
by petro sun.. in the middle of the road!
blocking traffic and not worrying about it one bit!

it is moments like this when i realize that life
here still has an easy pace
 no need to rush
just gather up the boys and go for a ride.
i am guessing from the boots on the older man
that they were working somewhere.. maybe 
working in the yard somewhere

but the young are with the old
i love that!

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  1. "life
    here still has an easy pace..."

    I so need this sometimes. A wonderful image.