Friday, June 25, 2010

June 25, 2010

my lunch spot

today we were at the 'made in roatan'  shop all day!!
hard long day but a good long day too
my feet are still sore after 3 hours of being home

for lunch we always go 
to a small local dive  ~ i mean shop and eat.
today honduras played switzerland in soccer
 so when we went there the place was jam packed
and i mean that literally!

there was at least 40 men in there
and another 10 outside looking through another window!

alot of hondurans don't have tv and so
they flock to any local place to watch the game

bob stayed and watched the game
and i came to this place
it was quiet
and i enjoyed the breeze that swept over me every now and then
i was also happy to find this lovely little spot behind the restaurant

i want to share a  story about why i love it here.
yes i know this is getting long but it is worth reading.
i have written about koke, the artist who has a shop 
next to ours,
well today he came up to me and handed me 10.00
he was speaking in spanish quickly 
and i assumed he wanted me to give him change
(10 ones)
i told him i could spare 5 ones and went to the shop
to get them for him.
when i got back
his friend who speaks english came up to me and said,
"you misunderstand koke, he don't want change
he want to give you 10 dollars
because he sold 3 of his paintings and he want to give some to you."

 can you believe that?!
of course i said no, and thanked him profusely.

the poor are generous.
very generous.
when they got it , they share it!
i love that about this place.

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