Thursday, June 24, 2010

June 24, 2010

3 buoys

usually this area of west end is full
of people swimming and snorkeling
but i think the threat of those clouds holding
had scared people away.
i am glad 
it made for a better shot to be people less.
i wanted to go snorkeling this afternoon too
but we didn't 
not because of the rain
but because we stopped at barefoot cay to pick
up dan for lunch etc
and he forgot his bathing suit/snorkel stuff

i need to get serious about exercise again
there is an expression amongst the islanders when 
they are getting fat
it is this:
i be gettin' tick
(i am getting thick.. which means i am getting fat)
that's me.
i be gettin' tick
having said that i guess we shouldn't have stopped
at the 3 brothers bakery to buy one of the pine cookies
(sugar cookies filled with pineapple)
they are delicious.

i will exercise
i will stop eating cookies and icecream and goodies

you know what manana means don't you
most people think it means tomorrow
but after living in this culture for almost two years
i know that manana really means..
not today...

so what am i confessing?
that i am getting fat
or that i am going to start exercising?



  1. I love your confession. I too am tick! And have been trying to do laps every day. I wish you strength and discipline to exercise and say no to those wonderful goodies. "Just say no!" LOL!

  2. Ha ha too funny - I embraced my 'tickness' years ago - life's too short to be worried about the southward direction of certain body parts - everything in moderation is the key.

    loves ya
    xx Bonnie xx