Monday, June 21, 2010

June 21, 2010

summer pink

yeah today is the first day of summer
i miss the seasons
we live in perpetual summer
everyday is about the same

i went out in the garden today to find 
the most 'summery flower'
i could find.

zinnias are not typically an island flower
someone, somewhere brought over the seeds
and now we are graced with their 
tall elegant beauty in shades of 
i enjoy them

for those of you who have 4 seasons
i want to extent a hearty
happy first day of summer
to you
may it be full of all the things
that make summer special:
fresh corn on the cob,
fun in the sprinkler
potato salad
farmer's markets
fresh mowed grass
fresh berries
 long nights
and sun shine on your shoulders.

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