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Saturday, April 17, 2010

April 16, 2010

the birthday girl!

We all love Pauline.
she is a wonderful spirited, giving Irish girl
who has been living on the island for 8 years now
with her husband Phil.
Pauline is synonymous with Clinic Esparanza  as she
has been volunteering there everyday
for the past 4 years.
can you imagine that?
she just recently began teaching at one of the school's here
i know those teenagers will be blessed to have her
as a teacher as she is dedicated in whatever she does.
she is caring, fun loving, and feisty as any 
true irish woman would be!

her party invite started at 25 people.. a nice 'intimate party'
and ended up being around 70 people there.
why is that?
because we all love her!
it was a wonderful evening together
Phil is an amazing cook and the table was laden with
many delicious foods.
 Many people came to wish her well because 
she deserves it!

Happy Birthday Pol!

woman in black!

it is kinda funny because roatan is a casual island
but for birthdays it is fun to dress up
i couldn't resist getting the woman in black together for
a photo!
pauline is in the middle with the birthday balloon
behind her.

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