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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April 14, 2010

heaven in my garden

today my friend laura came over today
for our bible study time 
and when it was over she presented
me with her little pentax camera

she kept apologizing saying
it wasn't that good of a camera
imagine that?
it is great!!
 Laura has such a good heart,
she is the kind of person who engages fully when she
sees you,
she listens well, 
asks questions that matter.
she is sooo beautiful 
inside and out.
 her authentic search to find the Lord touches my heart deeply.

  i appreciate her so much!

so..i went out in the garden
and i was in heaven 
taking photos and getting lost in all
the beauty out there.
for He was there too.
it was a blessed time for me.

thanks again Laura.
may your heart be as full of joy in 
giving as mine is in receiving.


  1. Beautiful shot with lovely bokeh. A zinnia ?

  2. yes it is a zinnia
    an elderly black island lady named miss norma gave me some of these to plant in my garden